Ready, Set, Go! You're embarking on the 40-day experience to reconnect your soul. 

A daily devotional journal, The Experience takes you on an amazing journey of rediscovery, helping connect you with the Creator and your soul's true purpose. Using the S.O.A.P. method, forty scriptures and six lessons (chapters) have been chosen to help re-energize your soul. Click here to see inside the book- 



Week One: Acknowledging True Love                                     Week Four: Drawing Closer

Week Two: Getting Clean                                                      Week Five: Fasting

Week Three: Being Still                                                         Week Six: Taking Action

*Bonus: Committing to Consistency

It is our hope and our prayer The Experience helps you experience the presence of the Lord, and are able to reconnect with your soul and who you truly are in Christ.  


JAY & KARA JONES  are hosts and executive producers of the UplifTV documentary series, "The Experience", which isolates participants in the Pacific Northwest Mountains for a weekend of reviving, rebuilding, restoring, and healing. As one of the producers on the last several seasons of the A&E Emmy nominated hit series, "Hoarders", Jay has helped people unlcutter their physical lives. His goal now is to help uncluttered spiritual lives. He is a working media professional with several popular credits to his name - in addition to "Hoarders", he has also worked on the Emmy award winning shows "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition""Ice Road Truckers". 

Jay and Kara are also authors (The Experience: 40 Days To Reconnecting Your Soul), outreach organizers, and motivational speakers. Together the couple runs the television and film production company, Hungry Fish Media, with co-author and co-executive producer of "The Experience", Dr. Charles Hix. Jay and Kara have been married ten years, have two wonderful kids, and reside in Everett, WA. #PrayForHunterRose